Kincade Management
Kincade Management Inc.

At Kincade, we strive to make sure our clients and customers are treated like kings. We offer professional property management services for both the owners and the tenants. Commercial real estate services and commercial mortgage brokerage services allow us to service all of our clients ICI needs.

Premier Property Management Services

At Kincade Management Inc, we offer all levels of complete property management services. From simply dealing with the tenants, to offering 100% control with monthly statements to the owners, we have the right mixture for you, our clients. We manage ICI properties and currently we handle Retail strip malls, Modern commercial warehousing, Office buildings and now Multi-residential apartment buildings and condominium management properties. We want to hear from you.


Kincade Reality Inc.

Are you looking for professional real estate services? We invite you to read more about our sister company, Kincade Reality Inc. and discover how we can assist you in all of your real estate transactions. We understand that many people coming to Saint John or other parts of New Brunswick are interested in purchasing a business or an investment property but also need to locate that perfect home to live in. That's why we strive to be the best commercial ICI brokerage and also have sales experts in land and residential sales. We want to treat you like a King,