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ARTICLE 1. Quality of Service

    A Member will perform professional services with competence, integrity and due regard for the public interest.

ARTICLE 2. Well Informed and Knowledgeable

    A Member will maintain a high standard of professional expertise.

ARTICLE 3. Full Disclosure to Client

    A Member will be forthright and impartial when advising a client, and will not withhold any information relevant to the interests of a client.

ARTICLE 4. Care of Property

    A Member will care for the property of others entrusted to the Member in the same manner that a careful and prudent owner would care for similar property.

ARTICLE 5. Fairness to all Parties

    A Member will at all times protect and promote the interests of a client, but will be fair and honest with all other parties involved in any matter.

ARTICLE 6. Referral When Lacking Competence

    A Member will neither advise nor render service in areas or matters which exceed the Member's competence. The Member will endeavour to direct parties to those from whom competent advice and service may be obtained.

ARTICLE 7. Representing Divergent Interests

    A Member will neither advise nor represent parties having divergent or conflicting interests without the informed consent of all parties.

ARTICLE 8. Conflict of Interest Between Client and Member

    A Member will not:

    a) enter into a business transaction with a party to whom professional advice has been given by the Member if there is a significant risk that the interests of the Member and the client may differ; or

    b) provide advice to a party when the personal interests of the Member, a relative or an associate are in conflict with the interests of the party,

    without advising the party that independent advice should be obtained and securing a written acknowledgment of same from the party.

ARTICLE 9. Disclosure of Fees

    A Member will not receive directly or indirectly any rebate, fee, commission, discount or other benefit, whether monetary or otherwise without the full knowledge and prior consent of the client.

ARTICLE 10. Fair and Reasonable Fees

    A Member will charge fair and reasonable fees commensurate with services being provided and fully disclose the amount of such fees at the time the service is provided.

ARTICLE 11. Confidential Information

    A Member will hold in strict confidence all information provided in confidence by a client, unless required by law to disclose such information.

ARTICLE 12. Outside Interests

    A Member who engages in another profession, business or occupation beyond the usual scope of services provided to clients must not allow such outside interest to jeopardize the Member's professional integrity, independence or competence.

ARTICLE 13. Advertising

    All advertising placed by a Member, whether on the Member's behalf or on behalf of a client, will provide accurate information regarding the subject of the advertisement, and will not be false or misleading in any respect.

ARTICLE 14. Use of Designations

    A Member will not use a designation granted by the Institute in any manner contrary to this Code of Professional Standards or the By-laws and Rules and Regulations of the Institute.

ARTICLE 15. Other Institute Members

    A Member will not make, authorize, or otherwise encourage any unfounded oral or written statements that are derogatory to, or disparaging of, another Member,s business practice. All dealings between Members will be conducted with integrity and good faith.

ARTICLE 16. Laws and the Conduct of Business

    A Member will conduct business in strict accordance with all applicable laws, by-laws and regulations, and in accordance with any Code of Professional Standards enacted by the Institute for any of its Councils.

ARTICLE 17. Member Cooperation in Enforcing the Code

    A Member will assist and fully cooperate in the enforcement of the Code of Professional Standards and the resolution of any matter brought before the Professional Standards Committee.